The Obsidian Age - Book One

Author: Joe Kelly
Artists: Tom Nguyen and Mark Propst
Titan Books
RRP: £10.99
ISBN 1 84023 702 3
Available now

Superman, alone among the JLA, felt that Aquaman didn't die during the alien invasion of Earth. His faith is rewarded with evidence that Aquaman was instead hurled 3000 years back in time. Now the JLA must stage a daring rescue mission - despite Green Lantern's premonitions that this mission will cause his own death...

The Obsidian Age is an extremely entertaining read. And the artwork is worthy of merit too - but then it could be the new settings that bring a new look to this JLA collection. Oh, and don't worry if you are not up to speed with the events that unfolded during the alien invasion of Earth. It's not essential that you followed that storyline.

All your favourite heroes are present and correct. And, just in case you have been on Mars for the last few years, there is even a handy list of whose who at the front of this graphic novel.

In places The Obsidian Age is almost cinematic in its framing and it made me realise that a JLA movie has been greatly overlooked. Hopefully that will be rectified very soon.

The conclusion has a "Oh my gawd!" revelation to it that will have you itching to get hold of the second collection. Well, it did me anyway.

One of the better JLA collections to be released recently.

Pete Boomer

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