Author: Warren Ellis
Artist: Darick Robertson
Titan Books
RRP: £10.99
ISBN 1 84023 630 2
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Time is starting to run out for outlaw reporter Spider Jerusalem and his filthy assistants. Forced from their jobs and dodging a crazed and vengeful President, the three media renegades must now find a way to wage a guerrilla news war against the psychotic Commander-in-Chief. But danger also looms from new and unforeseen directions. Jerusalem's mysterious affliction is growing worse, and a fearsome superstorm is heading towards the City, driving everyone - including the police - off the streets just as a murderous sniper begins terrorising the Print District...

Dirge is another great collection of the Transmet series. The crazed minds and hands of Warren Ellis, Darick Robertson and Rodney Ramos continue to create the madness that we all know and love. Spider continues to be my favourite anti-hero (and many of yours too I suspect) as along with the help of his filth assistants he continues his war against The Smiler - and he will succeed at all costs.

This collection (which is made up of numbers 43-48 of the comics) also adds a bit more emotion than normal, as we see Spider weaken and his illness become more apparent. It might actually bring a tear to your eye from distress rather than the tears of laughter you are used to from the world's greatest journalist. As we see that Spider isn't, in fact, invincible, we actually get to witness a quieter, sweeter side of him. But he's still got his hard edge and is determined to see the President out of power before his body gives in to him. Of course the hilarious elements of the story are still there, take for example the classic bowel disrupter, and of course Spider's amazing quick wit. Fans of the BBC series the League of Gentlemen may also notice something - but I'm not saying what.

Although Dirge is a little softer than what we're used to from Transmet, it's still a kickass book, and is a must have for all Ellis fans. For those who have not experienced the greatness of the series, well its time to bloody go out there and start - the first graphic novel is called Back on the Streets - go get it!

Keri Allan

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