Judge Dredd
Necropolis - Book Two

Author: John Wagner
Artist: Carlos Ezquerra
Titan Books
RRP: £16.99
ISBN 1 84023 635 3
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A disillusioned Judge Dredd has taken "The Long Walk" into the Cursed Earth, leaving Mega-City One in the hands of his genetic clone, Judge Kraken. But Kraken has a tortured past, one that is mercilessly exploited by Judge Death and his twisted kin...

Necropolis: Book Two picks up where the first volume left off. However, not that much really happens and it could easily have been condensed into a shorter story. In fact, one chapter merely repeats what has happened in the previous weeks instalment for a few pages before continuing and this looks a little our of place.

There is much more humour in this collection than in Book One and this helps greatly to keep the reader engrossed in the plot. Carlos Ezquerra's art is as faultless as ever (apart from the small fact that it is sometimes difficult to tell some of the normal Judges apart from Dredd or Kraken).

Having said that, this is still an interesting conclusion to one of the best 2000AD epics from my generation (I'm 30-something) and it was a joy to relive my youth. It's just a shame they stretch the story out, almost to breaking point.

Nick Smithson

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