President Lex

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As if Superman hadn't had enough problems dealing with the effects of the Brainiac 13 virus and a possible war with Atlantis, he now has the extra problem of Lex Luthor running for president. His archenemy is bent on attaining the greatest seat of power in world... and for once he's doing it within the law. Can the Man of Steel stand in his way? Or will he soon be answerable to President Lex...

President Lex is an interesting addition to the Superman stable. But the various writers and artists are too many to allow any cohesion between either the narrative or the artwork - as good as they both are. I came away from the book wondering why it had seemed necessary to cram so much into so few issues - not that that is really a complaint.

The artwork varies from the bizarre (Carlo Barberi) to the moody (Matthew Clark) to the dark (Tony Harris). All of which have their own strengths, but collected under one cover for one narrative it seems a bit of a jumble.

Batman fans will be glad to see that the miserable loner turns up here and there to give his input and, ironically, it is Luthor who comes through the whole story as the coolest character (almost).

All in all this is still an entertaining read that should keep Superman fans happy.

Nick Smithson

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