Star Wars: Clone Wars
Defence of Kamino

Author: John Ostrander
Artists: Various
Titan Books
RRP: £12.99
ISBN 1 84023 646 9
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Charting the events between Star Wars: Episode II and III, Defence of Kamino will help to fill Star Wars fans in on the action that takes place before the third movie is released...

This collection contains several short graphic which are set just a few months after the events of genoisis, in Episode II. When the Jedi learn of an impending attack on the clone production plants on Kamino they rush to its defence.

This is the basis for this collection of stories. During the events that unfold, the Jedi are forced to see that in order to win they must change who they are and what they do. Spying, leading armies, switching allegiances are alien concepts to the noble Jedi, but these are acts they must undertake in order to bring peace to the galaxy.

The republic is dying from within, due to corruption, and the Jedi soon realise that even if they defeat the separatist movement, the fighting will not end. Many have a choice to make: stay loyal to the corrupt republic or join the separatists to see if they can bring a new and honest peace to the galaxy. But all the while they are unaware that they and the war are being subtly manipulated by the Sith. For all their efforts, trying to keep the republic alive, the Jedi do not realise that the Clone Wars are the beginning of the end for the Republic and the Jedi.

I'm not a great fan of graphic novels and this title did little to better my opinions. The stories are too short and they feel rushed. Although the events are well tied in and the characters are well reflected, it is a shame that the book doesn't go deep enough into the stories or the reasons behind them.

The artwork is good, but that doesn't make up for what is a bad graphic novel. This book is for die hard Star Wars fans only.

Charlie Brine

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