Death Wish

Authors: Kelley Puckett and Chuck Dixon
Artist: Damion Scott
Titan Books
RRP: £10.99
ISBN 1 84023 707 4
Available now

Can Cassandra Cain ever cast off her tainted past as a childhood assassin and take the place of former Batgirl Barbara Gordon? This new Batgirl continues her training with Batman, but the young protégé is starting to feel that she is on too short a leash. Dealing with blackmail, bank robberies and burglary is one thing, but for Batgirl to step into the major leagues a major menace is required...

Death Wish sees Batgirl struggling with the events of her dark past. Can she control her assassin calling? And more importantly is she prepared to pay the price for her teachings - a fight to the death with the deadly Lady Shiva?

There is also, interestingly, an introduction to the main characters (including Oracle, Lady Shiva, Cassandra and her father) should you not be overly familiar with the events that have gone before. Batman and Robin also make brief appearances, which helps to tie Batgirl's universe into an established DC setting.

The ending to this collection will leave you wanting more. A well written, well illustrated (although a few panels make events a little hard to follow) collection that Bat-freaks should enjoy.

Darren Rea

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