Superman/Aliens II
God War

Author: Chuck Dixon
Artist: Jon Bogdanove
Titan Books
RRP: £10.99
ISBN 1 84023 720 1
Available now

A spaceship crash-lands on Apokolips, the domain of Darkseid, Superman's deadliest enemy. The ship contained the deadly Alien species and now Darkseid plans to use the horde as the ultimate biological weapon by infesting his own minions and unleashing them on the galaxy...

God War is a pretty entertaining read although the Aliens/Superman conflict is never really a huge issue. So if you are buying this because you want to see the Man of Steel beating the hell out of Aliens then you will be disappointed.

There is a nice little moralistic touch with Superman getting on his soapbox about every creatures' right to an existence. There is also a neat touch as he starts to loose his powers as he nears the Alien hive - no sunlight you see.

The artwork is well above average and Titan have done an impressive job on the repro. This collection looks nice and glossy.

Entertaining, even though Sups didn't spend any time beating the hell out of the Aliens.

Nick Smithson

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