Swamp Thing

Authors: Various
Artists: Various
Titan Books
RRP: £13.99
ISBN 1 84023 706 6
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Adrift on cosmic tides, the Swamp Thing continue his exile in outerspace. Meet Adam Strange, a cosmic drifter himself, torn back and forth between two worlds, Earth and Rann. But Rann is dying, its sterile soil no longer capable of supporting life. Like carrion birds, the winged Thangarians circle, ready to pick the bones of its technology. And on Earth, Anny faces her own personal nightmares, paving the way for reconciliation... and reunion...

Reunion is really only a collection for hardcore fans. It's certainly not designed as a starting point for newcomers.

Titan has crammed a hell of a lot into this collection and the price is right too, but the quality of the reprint is no improvement over the comics original run - the same low grade paper is used. The art work is non too hot in places either, but Alan Moore (amongst other writers) help to keep the momentum going.

It could be the fact that there are so many writers and artists involved with this collection that is its undoing. Even serious Swamp Thing fans might find it a little slow in places.

Nick Smithson

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