Reclaiming Thundera

Author: Ford Gilmore
Artists: Various
Titan Books
RRP: £10.99
ISBN 1 84023 732 5
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Picking up where the 1980s TV show left off the new series of
Thundercats comics follows Lion-O as he rebuilds a life for his people on New Thundera, with the aid of Panthro, Cheetara, Tigra and the rest of his tribe of warriors. But all is not as it seems. There are dark stirrings at Mumma-Ra's Pyramid. The Ancient Spirits of Evil seek to unleash the Shadowmaster from the Shadow Realm and that just might spell doom for the Thundercats...

"Thunder... Thunder... Thunder... Thundercats!" Ah! There's nothing like a warm wave of nostalgia washing over you is there? Now how cool was the cartoon? Actually I'm not sure because I was young and my mind was impressionable back then. But, if like me, you remember this series fondly, then this new comic book will bring back some long forgotten names.

Cheetara, now she was a fox! (actually she was a cheetah, but you know what I mean). Lion-O, he was cool and manly and the hordes of darkness that would keep trying to destroy the Thundercats... well they were... well... I suppose stupid is the best word to use.

Like the recent Battle of the Planets graphic novel series, Reclaiming Thundera takes a modern approach to the original series of Thundercats. However, unlike the new Battle of the Planets, Thundercats is still very much aimed at the younger age of the population.

The artwork is cool and the script is not too ropey, but if you want to take yourself back a few decades then this should do the trick. It's just a question of whether you think it's worth £12 for a book you'll only read once.

Nick Smithson

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