Alan Moore's Tomorrow Stories
Book 1

Author: Alan Moore
Artists: Various
Titan Books
RRP: £11.99
ISBN 1 84023 438 5
Available now

Alan Moore brings together a number of reprints from his America's Best Comics imprint. This collection of original and genre twisting stories features a number of reoccurring characters including Jack B. Quick, The Cobweb, Greyshirt and the First American...

Think Viz and 2000AD's Future Shocks and you'll have an idea of what Tomorrow Stories is all about.

First we are introduced to Jack B. Quick who is a kid who meddles with time and space (with some trippy results). Next up is Greyshirt - the masked detective. Also included are the First American (a wacky take on characters like Superman) and The Cobweb (a female superhero that wears too few clothes).

I really enjoyed the cosmic exploits of Jack B. Quick, I only really enjoyed the second Greyshirt episode - which is set in a block of flats over the life of one man. But I wasn't particularly bothered with First American and I just didn't get The Cobweb.

Don't part with your cash unless you are already familiar with the characters - you could be wasting £12 which could be much better spent on toilet roll, or washing up liquid, or most things actually.

Nick Smithson

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