Author: Gordon Rennie
Artist: Frazer Irving
RRP: £7.99, US $13.95
ISBN 1 904265 09 X
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When the world-famous escapologist Harry Houdini slips into a near-death state while practising his act, something horrible from the boundaries of consciousness follows him back. Now Houdini must join forces with the era's most famous aficionados of the uncanny - Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Charles Fort and H.P. Lovecraft - and try to defeat an evil force which wants to enslave the human race. However, this intrepid group must not only face the enemy's terrifying agents on Earth, but also a traitor in their midst. Not to mention the dire, eldritch horrors which lurk just beyond the veil of sanity...

Necronauts is a bizarre tale of monsters, mystery and near-death experiences. What is waiting for us on the other side once we traverse the physical realm that we call consciousness? The world's greatest escapologist discovers the answers himself when he is almost killed rehearsing for his act.

What he finds awaiting in the dark is something that should frighten every living soul - Heaven and Hell are not awaiting us. There is something much more sinister in store for humanity as it passes to the other side.

Rebellion illustrate perfectly why Britain is at the the forefront of mature and original comic book creations. While the US churn out Superhero nonsense, we Brits are handling the genre as though it were another art form. Clever, thought provoking and tongue in cheek, this collection will appeal to those who prefer their comic books to stimulate the old grey matter.

But, where this collection stands out is the repro job that Rebellion have done on it. This is not just a graphic novel, it is a work of art. Glossy pages of the highest quality paper, bound inside a high quality cover ensure that this will take pride of place on any collector's bookshelf.

Refreshingly original.

Nick Smithson

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