Tom Strong
Book Two

Author: Alan Moore
Artists: Various
Titan Books
RRP: £14.99
ISBN 1 84023 508 X
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Join hero Tom Strong, his wife Dhalua, daughter Tesla and comrades as they explore
exciting new adventures in exotic locales on Earth, in space, and across aeons of time...

Wow! Just what the world needs another superhero and his family and mates. Is it me? Or is Alan Moore one of the most over rated writers working in the comic industry today? Sure he's done some good work in the past, but he's also been behind some very pedestrian material - take Tomorrow Stories and Tom Strong as two such examples.

May be I'm not with it... but I just didn't get this at all. Half of the stories seemed like ideas that has been thought up while intoxicated and written on the back of a beermat! And then other stories are very entertaining. Take the Funnyland stories. While not original, these are very tongue in cheek and poke fun at the old Warner Bros cartoons that most readers will look back on fondly.

Sadly, not much of what is presented here is original, that entertaining, or cranially stimulating.

If you are thinking of parting with your money then I strongly suggest that you borrow a copy first.

Not quite average!

Nick Smithson

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