Author: Bob Budiansky
Artists: Don Perlin and Herb Trimpe
Titan Books
RRP: £14.99
ISBN 1 84023 681 7
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Arch enemies Optimus Prime and Megatron clash - for the last time! Only one will walk away from the ultimate battle between good and evil. The outcome of this historic battle will forever change the course of the war between the Autobots and the Decepticons...

Showdown sees yet another collection of the 80s comic reprinted for... well, I'm not sure why really. I really can't see any of today's children being that interested in a 1980's craze. And will 30-somethings really be interested in rereading these now?

Now, before you think I'm running this series down, let me tell you I think this is a well produced collection. I have always thought that, on the whole, this series never patronised its young audience. And what a showdown, no pun intended, they've got lined up for readers this time.

Okay, the reproduction of the original comics doesn't hold up to the quality that we have come to expect in recent years, but when there is story telling as good as this you can excuse the poorness of the source material... almost.

A great collection that, sadly, will probably be overlooked by most of today's comic buying public.

Ray Thompson

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