Star Wars
Clone Wars
Volume 2 - Victories and Sacrifices

Authors: Various
Artists: Various
Titan Books
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The clone wars are in full swing and the Jedi are forced to lead the clone armies. But they are not only defending, they are also attacking. Needless to say this causes a lot of internal conflict within the main characters. With all this going on, the evil separatists are planning a genocidal attack on Naboo; Padme Amidala's home world...

Volume II in the Clone Wars series collects together a number of stories based around events that occurred within Star Wars: Episode II. As these books are filling in between the films, they really do rely on the artist skill, as well as the writers skill to keep us interested.

Sadly this book doesn't quite gel. The artwork itself is very standard fare - not great but not bad either. The same can also be said about the writing. The stories are okay, but it isn't the gripping stuff that you would hope it to be.

Having said that this book does make Anakin out to be as bland as he was in Episode II. So at least they managed to get that right.

Not bad, but I don't think anyone other than hard-core post-Episode I fans will enjoy it. Damn shame that.

Simon Lee

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