Huntress - Cry for Blood

Author: Greg Rucka & Rick Burchett
Titan Books
RRP: £10.99
ISBN 1 84023 395 8
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Both Bruce Wayne and Helena Bertinelli both have something in common. Both lost their parents at an early age to violent crime. While Wayne chose to use his bitterness to help bring criminals to justice in the guise of Batman, Bertinelli took on the role of Huntress in order to avenge her parents killers. Now she must decide her destiny. She can either bring her demons to justice, or become a cold blooded killer and enemy to the Batman...

Batman: Huntress - Cry for Blood sees Bertinelli come to terms with the details of her true history and charts the events that see her balancing a fine line between good and evil.

This is an extremely engaging story that sees the Batman act as wallpaper to the history of the Bertinelli family - a Mafia infested, once powerful house, now leaving the Huntress as its sole member. There are also appearances by Robin, Night Wing and The Question who all try and guide Huntress towards the right path.

An interesting graphic novel, but nothing fancy has been done about the presentation. You get a nice glossy cover, but the pages are reprinted in the same style as the American comics.

Definitely worth a look.

Nick Smithson

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