Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Slayer, Interrupted

Authors: Scott Lobdell and Fabian Nicieza
Artists: Cliff Richards and Will Conrad
Titan Books
RRP: £9.99
ISBN 1 84023 782 1
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Buffy Summers has burned down the school gym, run off to Vegas, and filled her diary with tales of vampires and demons - her parents see no other choice than to have her committed to a mental institution for a nice long rest. During her stay, Buffy finds that she likes not having to slay vampires and demons night after night. But there's something sinister going on here as some of the doctors may not be what they appear. Meanwhile in England, Giles' use of witchcraft has stopped a young magician from destroying the Watchers Council, but now, to prove himself worthy of the title Watcher, he must face the consequences for dabbling in the forbidden arts...

Slayer Interrupted isn't one of the happiest Buffy graphic novels, but it's still pretty good. Set in the time between originally being chosen, whilst living in LA, and before moving to Sunnydale, Buffy is returning from her trip to Las Vegas which made her come to terms with her role in the world - and saw Spike leave her to save her from the danger he felt he would put her in.

Buffy comes home to find out that Dawn has read her diary (including tales of her night time slay activities) and shown it to her parents. Relieved she has come home, but believing she is mentally unhinged, they send Buffy off for a rest at the Funny Farm. Of course, shenanigans ensue and Buffy kicks some butt and saves the world, as normal. This graphic novel also shows the trials that Giles has to go through in order to prove himself worthy as Buffy's new Watcher. In an interesting turn of affairs he has to fight against his rebellious side, by bringing Ripper out of himself and into corporal form. You can guess who wins but it's a fun tale to read.

In addition to this dark yet interesting story, there's the hilarious story of Dawn; who when gets mistaken for the Chosen One tams up with a demonic stuffed bear. It is worth getting this collection just to read this story.

Keri Allan

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