The Simpsons
Belly Buster

Authors: Various
Artists: Various
Titan Books
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ISBN 1 84023 790 2
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This collection sees Lisa having trouble with the baby-sitting union, Homer battling mutant Thanksgiving turkeys and there's chaos as Grandpa finds himself at the controls of a tank in downtown Springfield...

Belly Buster collects some of the stories that have previously appeared in The Simpsons Comics. As you'd expect, most of them are not a patch on the animated TV series. However, it does have its moments.

Possibly the funniest inclusion, or at least the one that could well have been taken straight from an episode of the TV show, is Homer Vs. The Wallpaper. Here, the head of the Simpson's household has taken it upon himself to do a spot of home improvement.

There is a notable lack of Bart based stories, which is a shame. This is criminal, especially when there are two Flanders based stories. The story that concludes the collection revolves around Waylon Smithers. May be at half the length it would have been fun but as it stands it is a little dull.

The illustrations are spot on (but then that's no difficult feat), it's just a shame the writing doesn't come up to scratch.

While entertaining enough, this is by no means an essential purchase for Simpsons fans.

Amber Leigh

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