Star Wars
Tales - Volume 4

Authors: Various
Artists: Various
Titan Books
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ISBN 1 84023 770 8
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Drawn from right across the entire Star Wars saga, this collection spotlights characters and situations from Episode I right through to Episode VI and beyond. From the brooding forests of Endor to the stinking swamps of Dagobah, this series of tales has something for everybody...

Volume four in this essential series for fans is the best yet. In fact, there is one story which alone almost makes the RRP worth while.

As with previous collections, there is a healthy mix of comedy and drama based stories, as well as a variety of styles - from childlike illustrations to the photo enhanced works of digital art.

But it is the hilarious The Emperor's Court which stands out as a work of genius. Here we see Han Solo on trial for shooting Greedo first. Fans of the original Star Wars trilogy will recognise this short strip as a comic lampoon on the strange decision of having Greedo shoot first when the movies were re-released. Fans have moaned about this for years, and The Emperor's Court takes full advantage of this poor judgement call.

Another interesting addition is Kessel Run. Remember in Star Wars how Han attempts to silence Luke's concern about how clapped out the Millennium Falcon looks by stating that it made the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs. Well now you get to discover what the Kessel Run is... perhaps.

While the above two stories are my personal favourites, there is something for everybody here. Whether you are a fan of Ewok's, Yoda, Darth (young or old) or Jabba, there is something that will take your fancy.

If you are a real Star Wars fan you need this to complete your collection. Volume four contains some of the most original and well conceived stories ever produced for the Star Wars franchise. Unmissable.

Pete Boomer

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