Star Wars
The Clone Wars
Volume 3 - Last Stand on Jabiim

Author: Haden Blackman
Artists: Brian Ching and Victor Llamas
Titan Books
RRP: £10.99
ISBN 1 84023 837 2
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The sodden wilderness of the remote rain-world Jabiim seems an unlikely site for one of the most controversial battles of the Clone Wars, but the recent discovery of resources vital to both the republic and the separatists have made Jabiim an important prize in a galactic conflict. With the Jedi-led clone army of the republican one side, and the separatist's droid army supporting a local militia of elite Jabiimi warriors on the other, victory will soon take second place to survival...

For Anakin Skywalker, in the Last Stand of Jabiim, the war is a test of his obedience to the Jedi order, of his loyalty to his friends, and of his qualities as a hero. It will reveal the Jedi that he could become, and force him to confront a personal tragedy - and his deepest shame.

Graphic novels tend to be a very mixed bunch. Sometimes you get your money's worth and sometimes you don't. For example, the book could have one of the greatest stories ever written. But the art work may not be up to much, thus spoiling your enjoyment. But the opposite is also true, you can have some of the best drawings ever printed, but if the story is a shambles then all it will be is a book of pretty pictures.

But enough of my ramblings. Is the book worth buying or not?

Well if you have the other two in this series then yes, it will be a worthy purchase but if you want a standalone graphic novel then this is not the one for you. It suffers from a very average story and slightly above average artwork.

I'm not saying that it is all bad, though, just a bit of a let down. It seems that they are running out of good ideas. This is a great shame but I don't think that you can purely blame the writers and artists for that. The blame rests on Mr. Lucas's shoulders. He has given them the canvass to paint on and the ink to write.

It's just a shame that they are so bland. It's all so average (sigh)

Simon Lee

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