Return to Krypton

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For years, Superman laboured under the belief that his birth-world, the long-destroyed planet Krypton, was a cold, sterile place. But he is about to discover that his preconceptions will be forever smashed. The Man of Steel is granted a miraculous opportunity to revisit the planet before its cataclysmic demise, in the process meeting his long-dead mother and father, as well as gaining a new pet...

Return to Krypton sees Superman given the opportunity to visit the homeworld he never knew. But is this world a reality or fantasy?

This graphic novel is about as close as Superman is likely to get to Back to the Future - in fact, the writers actually mention that movie in passing. Superman and Lois manage to travel to Krypton just before the planet's red sun destroys all life. And having saved everyone, Superman, Lois, Jor-El and Lara must now hide from the authorities - who are convinced the planet saving exercise was an attempt bring an alien (Superman) to their planet. Not only that, but Superman and Lois's path home is now blocked after the device to send them back is damaged.

The second story in the collection sees Superman returning once again to Krypton and this time he uncovers the truth behind his previous journey to his home planet.

I much preferred the first story. It's a much sweeter tale, which leaves you on a high. The follow-up, while entertaining, tries to hard too explain itself, instead of getting on a telling a good tale.

The first story will appeal to Superman fans, and casual readers alike, but the second tale will probably be lost to the non-hardcore fans.

Nick Smithson

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