Alien Legion
Tenants of Hell

Author: Chuck Dixon
Artists: Larry Stroman and Mike McMahon
Titan Books
RRP: £16.99
ISBN 1 84023 811 0
Available 23 April 2004

Lost for 15 years in a black hole, Force Nomad returns to combat as little more than the plaything of mega-corporations whose business transactions are paid for in Nomad blood. However, being used as pawns for the idle rich is something they won't stand for - as their paymasters are about to find out...

They are the dregs, the lost and the forsaken. They are loyal only to each other. They are the mud-slogging mercs of Force Nomad, Alien Legion's worst of the worst. Or, to put it simpler, a meaner version of the Foreign Legion - in space.

Tenants of Hell is an enjoyable collection, containing two stories. The first, Tenants of Hell, has a well conceived plot, and some great artwork, but it is the second story, Jugger Grimrod, which is the stronger - mainly thanks to Mike McMahon's warped art.

Alien Legion stories always feel like they belong on the pages of 2000AD. There's the same sense of humour and dry wit that we all associate with "The Galaxy's greatest comic." There are also plenty of extras in this collection that are designed to educate those that are not so familiar with the main characters.

This collection also brings up a question I've been wondering about for some time now: How on earth to Titan come up with their pricing policy? This collection is beautifully reprinted in full glossy colour, but that's not unusual for a Titan release. It's not a particularly thick book, yet it's RRP is £16.99 - which is the sort of price I'd expect to pay for a hardback edition, not a paperback.

An enjoyable read, but at the price I'd think twice before parting with my money.

Nick Smithson

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