Green Arrow
Straight Shooter

Author: Judd Winick
Artists: Phil Hester and Ande Parks
Titan Books
RRP: £9.99
ISBN 1 84023 804 6
Available 23 April 2004

Green Arrow has always been a man of the people, but now he has to prove it. Little does he know that this opportunity will come in the guise of a showdown against a 2-ton ogre. And that's just the first step on the road to discovering a nasty little secret in his hometown of Star City. Solving the problem may prove more costly than Oliver Queen can imagine...

Straight Shooter sees a new danger threaten the lives of the citizens of Star City. Who is behind the strange appearance of not one, but a whole collective of ogres? Why is a strange little man hired to rid the city of this group of monsters? And why is a major corporation footing the bill for their eradication?

This collection sees our hero pitted against two enemies that are superior to him in strength and speed - the ogres and the mysterious hitman - how can he hope to win against one enemy, let alone two? The truth is (without giving to much away) that he nearly doesn't.

It also sees Queen up to his old womanising tricks as yet again he sweet talks his way into the life of another woman, and then instantly regrets it... well, the next morning anyway.

Along with the usual collection of covers at the back end of this collection there is an amusing sketch entitled: "Ollie's stupendous chili recipe (just like mom used to make", which made me laugh.

Another fantastic Green Arrow release.

Nick Smithson

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