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Titan Books
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Available 21 May 2004

Based on the hit television series, Smallville explores the teenage years of Superman's live as a young Clark Kent attempts to simultaneously cope with the mystery of his emerging powers and the daily travails of adolescence...

This graphic novel collects together eight stories from the pages of the Smallville comic series. These short stories all have their own merits, and each is exceptionally well written and illustrated - although the very short story Vows excels on both counts.

The story which seems to fit most comfortably under the Smallville umbrella, the one that could easily be transferred into a TV episode, is Chimera. This sees Lex on the run after an old and dear friend is murdered, leaving Lex as the likely suspect. Lex knows he is being framed, but by who and why? The execution of this story is handled well, as is the twist that concludes it.

But the other stories each have their own merits. But, What I did on my Summer Vacation is the weakest story to be included. This sees Chloe travelling to Metropolis to undertake a summer internship at the Daily Planet.

Then there are the strips that reflect the monster of the week episodes of the TV series. Raptor, Paterfamilias and Beauty all slot into this category.

There are also a few background features on the TV show as well as a cover gallery.

Fans of the TV series will certainly feel right at home with this collection - the likenesses of the cast are also pretty accurate, for the most part. Certainly worth taking a look at.

Nick Smithson

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