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The Big Bratty Book of Bart Simpson

Authors: Various
Artists: Various
Titan Books
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Available 25 June 2004

Yellow of skin, a head covered in spikes, a monstrous being spreading chaos and carnage wherever he goes. Good Lord! Bart is Back!...

The Big Bratty Book of Bart Simpson continues the trials and tribulations of the angelic upstart as Bart faces the misery of boring action figures and the horror of what grows from Ralph Wiggum's nose; the shame of helping Millhouse woo sister Lisa; the thrill of cosmic cookery from epicurean aliens Kodos and Kang; and the grinding indifference of watching TV for Housewives! Experience these and a whole slew of other rampaging emotions and shattered funny bones in this latest bumper bonanza of Bart power.

Sit back and let the graphics do their work. The Simpsons are here again with yet another hilariously funny graphic novel. You may be thinking, 'Not another one.', but these graphic novels just keep on getting better and better. As always, Matt Groening's characters come to life in yet another great comic.

If you have liked previous Graphic novels from The Simpsons, then you're going to like this too!

Helena Rea

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