The Conan Chronicles
The Song of Red Sonja & Other Stories

Author: Roy Thomas
Artists: Various
Titan Books
RRP: £12.99
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Available 23 July 2004

Few men have followed Conan down the dangerous path he treads, and fewer still have lived to tell the tale. But there's only one whose cunning and bravery matches the ferocious barbarian's measure for measure; whose strength of will and courage of heart never fail; one who is not a man at all, but is instead the most formidable woman ever to fight her way across the Hyborian world - Red Sonja. Together, the legendary warrior-woman from the East and the restless savage from the North take to the perilous road of thievery and high-adventure...

Volume four in this collection of classic Conan tales is another triumph for the saga. The artwork is beautiful, and was certainly cutting edge for its time.

After reading this collection I was wondering whether the following exchange between characters was intentional? Could the English slang for masturbation have been included before the word was in common usage?:

"I'm a Brythunian you worthless w*ank!"

"'W*nk', did you say now!?"

Roy Thomas, however explains that he was the victim of a practical joke. He was assured that the term was a harmless English curse word - like "bloody", but how it got passed the censors is anyone's guess.

Other than that little slip up, this collection is fairly similar to what has gone before - great story telling and beautiful art are a winning combination in anyone's book.

Another fine example of what the comic art form should be all about.

Pete Boomer

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