The Filth

Author: Grant Morrison
Artists: Chris Weston and Gary Erskine
Titan Books
RRP: £16.99
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Available 23 July 2004

Join officer Ned Slade as he's dragged out of his retirement persona of cat-loving suburban pervert Greg Feely and pressed back into service with extra-dimensional cleanup cops The Hand. Prepare to board city-size cruise ships, dodge super-sized killer sperm, and meet Max Thunderstone, the man who talks in thought balloons...

The Filth revolves around the life of cat lover Greg Feely. His neighbours know that there is something odd about him, but they have no idea how truly bizarre he is. In our reality he is a bald headed weirdo who buries animals in his back yard, but he leads a secret double life as Ned Slade - a bad wig wearing agent for a higher power.

While on Earth he watches non-stop pornography at home on his television, but once whisked off on an assignment he is disgusted by such things - especially when he visits the porno-garbage dumps that have opened up to exclusively cater for the populations waste pornographic material.

Just what on earth is a talking, Russian, sniper monkey doing on Slade's team? And why does the ape boy hate humans so much? Also, why do we have a male President of the United States who has breasts and has taken to wearing a bra? And why do the dolphins drive vehicles? These questions, and many other pointless ones, are answered here.

This collection is sick, twisted and, in short, damn entertaining. Is Feely delusional to the point of being certifiably insane? Or is he really a member of a secret organisation from another universe?

The art in this collection is first rate. Chris Weston's twisted view beautifully complements Grant Morrison's warped imagination.

This has to be Morrison's finest work to date - and arguably one of the greatest collections to be released in the last decade. Morrison is sick in the head... and we wouldn't have it any other way. Mental!

Pete Boomer

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