Nine Lives of a Feline Fatale

Authors: Various
Artists: Various
Titan Books
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Available 23 August 2004

The sexy, mysterious feline fatale known as Catwoman has been a hero, a villain, and everything in between during her nearly 65 year history. Both a rogue and love interest for the Dark Knight, Catwoman has remained one of the most popular characters from Batman's world - and like her namesake, has lived numerous lives...

Spanning over six decades as Batman's greatest nemesis/love, Catwoman is one of comics' most popular and enduring villainesses. Nine Lives of a Feline Fatale collects together the entire spectrum of Catwoman's adventures - from her first appearance as a jewel thief in Batman #1 in 1940, to her modern day role of 'champion' of Gotham City's East Side in a story from the current Catwoman series.

Featuring classic 'tails' from some of the greatest comics creators in the business - from the man who started it all, Bob Kane (the creator of Batman) to acclaimed modern day writers such as Doug Moench and Ed Brubaker.

There's something here for everyone. My personal favourite though was Ty Templeton and Ricky Burchett's Claws. There was something about the crude, almost childlike illustrations, not to mention the tongue in cheek script, that really stood out from the other stories presented here.

It also represents a mini history lesson in how a character has evolved over the years to fit in with social changes within society - some of the early strips are almost laughably out of date when compared to today's more intelligent comics, but that doesn't make them any less readable.

A fantastic collection.

Nick Smithson

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