The Flash

Author: Geoff Johns
Artists: Scott Kolins and Paul Winslade
Titan Books
RRP: £14.99
1 84023 986 7
Available 23 August 2004

The relative calm of Wally West's home town of Keystone City is shattered when his arch nemesis Zoom, a.k.a the Reverse Flash, is inexplicably back on the scene. Zoom's got some serious carnage in store for Flash as he can now move so quickly that he can operate without being seen.... even by the Flash...

Blitz is Titan Publishing's latest graphic novel to feature The Flash - the fastest man alive. This time around Wally West gets trapped in a labyrinth, confronted by a huge talking primate and has to deal with Roscoe Dillon and two dozen other maniacs who have escaped from the local nut house.

This collection brought back memories of any one of countless Batman tales, where the dark knight has to round up the inmates of Arkham Asylum. Because of that, I found this graphic novel to be lacking in originality.

There's plenty of interesting script writing and amusing dialogue, but I was expecting more from such a classic character franchise. Not what it should have been.

Nick Smithson

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