Author: Brian Azzarello
Artists: Various
Titan Books
RRP: £14.99
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Available 23 August 2004

After enduring a stretch in prison and a journey through some of the more shadowy corners of backwoods America, John Constantine is closing in on the real reason behind the suicide of Richard "Lucky" Fermin. But to follow the trail, he'll have to go into the belly of two very different beasts: first, a nest of white supremacists in rural Montana, where Fermin's widow has settled; then, finally, to Los Angeles - centre of decadence and home to the corruption that has hounded Constantine over an entire continent...

For the majority of Highwater John Constantine appears to be dead. His charred remains are found in a seedy S&M club. But Constantine has appeared to die before and those hot on his heels believe he may be pulling another fast one.

Which led me to wonder whether writer Brian Azzarello was also pulling a fast one. This is apparently the conclusion of the series - at least it reprints the closing comics of the series. And to say I was mildly disappointed is an understatement.

I just didn't get it. No, let me rephrase that. I got it. I just didn't see the point. The final half of this collection could have been told in half the time (at least) but it just goes on and on without really adding that much to what has gone before.

If you've been following the series to date, you'll probably lap this up... but for those who like a little more action, adventure, hell anything other than angst riddled text, then you'd be advised to give this one a wide berth.

Sadly disappointing.

Pete Boomer

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