Second Generation

Author: Simon Furman
Artists: Various
Titan Books
RRP 14.99, US $19.95
ISBN 1 84023 935 2
Available 23 August 2004

The Autobots' human ally, Buster Witwicky, convinces Ratchet to build him an experimental battle-suit, determined to prove he can look after himself. Buster is drawn into a battle for survival against the might of Shockwave, the awesome Devastator and his own Matrix contaminated psyche. Unknowingly he holds the key to the Special Teams - the next step in Transformer evolution - and the Decepticons want it...

Second Generation is the latest collection of the UK Transformers comic to be given the graphic novel treatment.

The artwork and repro is as crude as we've come to expect from this series - although that is part of its charm. But, to be honest, this collection will probably be more interesting to US readers than UK - due to the fact that these stories were originally exclusive to the UK market.

There is some genuine British humour here as the Autobots search for their human friend Buster, but standing out like a sore thumb in the process. And when they are mistakenly taken for evil monsters they provide some very amusing put-down lines.

If you're familiar with this series then you'll want to pick this up, otherwise there's probably nothing for you here.

Ray Thompson

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