The Chronicles of Conan
The Shadow in the Tomb & Other Stories

Author: Roy Thomas
Artist: John Buscema
Titan Books
RRP: £12.99
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Available 22 October 2004

Conan, the greatest sword and sorcery hero of them all, carves another violent path in this latest collection of epic fantasy adventures...

The Shadow in the Tomb & Other Stories is the fifth in The Chronicles of Conan series. And boy has artist John Buscema pulled out all the stops.

Some of Buscema's work should be on display in a public gallery as an example of how beautiful the comic art form can be. Buscema is occasionally allowed a full page, and in very rare circumstances a double page, to show off his talents. My favourite example here is the beautiful spread where Conan is recalling many of the past beasts he has slain in battle. This work of art hardly needs any text to explain what is going on as Buscema's work speaks volumes.

Readers familiar with this series will also be glad to hear that Roy Thomas's usual perambulation, of the issues that are reprinted here, is present and correct. This helps to set in a historical context the stories that you hold in your hand.

The fact that this is well written, beautifully illustrated and well presented by Titan Books, make this collection a must own for any serious comic collector.

Pete Boomer

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