The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen
Volume II

Author: Alan Moore
Artist: Kevin O'Neill
Titan Books
RRP 9.99
ISBN 1 84023 848 8
Available 22 October 2004

When alien invaders find that they no longer have use for Mars, they set their many eyes upon a new planet - one that is blue-green and known by it's inhabitants as earth. It is not long before giant cylinders are falling across the planet, from which emerge an invasion force of unstoppable (?) alien tripods...

The second The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen collection to be released in the UK by Titan Publishing tops the success of the first collection. And, after the disappointment that was the movie mess, this collection proves that not even Sean Connery's poor acting (Again! Remember the nightmare that was The Avengers?) can detract from this excellent series.

Yet again, the world's biggest freaks are left to save mankind from extinction (and I'm not talking about Alan Moore and Kevin O'Neill). O'Neill's illustrations beautifully illustrate Moore's warped vision in a way that no other artist can.

It's hilariously funny and rips the hell out of your average superhero comic books. Victorian values have never seemed so entertaining.

Stop reading this review and go and buy this collection now.

Ray Thompson

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