Energon - Volume 1

Author: Simon Furman
Artists: Various
Titan Books
RRP 8.99
ISBN 1 84023 932 8
Available 22 October 2004

Badly damaged, the Transformers' ultimate nemesis Unicron, hungers... for the life-enhancing mineral known as Energon! Determined to prevent his resurrection, Optimus Prime and his heroic Autobots clash with Scorponok's remorseless Terrorcons on a planet rich in natural Energon: Earth...

Volume one of Energon is an impressive addition to the Transformers universe. For those of you have shied away from the recent reprints of the 80s comics because it appeared too dated, you are strongly advised to take a look at this new collection.

There is a real Manga feeling to the illustrations and some of the pages are real works of art. And, because of this fact, I really wished that Titan had released this collection in a larger format - like they have been doing with the majority of the '80s reprints. Sadly, this is only available in a slightly smaller than A5 standard.

If you want to see how Transformers have matured since the '80s, then there is no better examle than this collection. A modern classic that will make you realise why you were originally hooked on these "robots in disguise" all those years ago.

Ray Thompson

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