Setting Sun

Author: Warren Ellis
Artists: Various
Titan Books
RRP 8.99
ISBN 1 84023 923 9
Available 26 November 2004

After decades of slogging through the worst that the black magic world can throw at him, John Constantine has more than a few stories to share. They won't help you sleep at night if you hear them, though they might give Constantine a bit of a grin. Five of the better ones are laid out here, in all their gruesome glory, just waiting to infect your dreams and probe the dark recesses of your collective unconscious...

Setting Sun is an interesting collection of short, twisted stories. We start with Locked, a tale about a sick serial killer. Constantine enters his room, which is full of the smell of death, in order to get him to give himself up. Okay, it's not usually his thing, but an old favour has been called in. The art for this story is as twisted and grotesque as the subject matter.

The title story, Setting Sun, sees Constantine witness the confessions of a dying murderer who performed horrible experiments on living prisoners during the Second World War. Does he want forgiveness? Or is he after something much more sinister?

Telling Tales is probably my favourite story in this collection. Here Constantine spends a bit of time winding up a journalist who is convinced that the US government is hiding many secrets from us - one of which is that aliens shot JFK. This very tongue in cheek story represents Hellblazer at it's best.

This is certainly a collection for true Hellblazer fans, but it also works well as a stand alone collection of weird tales.

Pete Boomer

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