Creatures of the Night

Author: Neil Gaiman
Artist: Michael Zulli
Titan Books
RRP 9.99
ISBN 1 84023 911 5
Available 17 December 2004

A stray black cat is left wounded every night by a mysterious attacker. But what is the cat battling and why? And in another story a baby is found on the steps of a church she has nothing but an owl pellet to her name. When she matures into a beautiful woman, the local male population find that their lust has quite unforeseen consequences...

Creatures of the Night is a collection of two very short supernatural stories. The first revolves around a mysterious black cat, the second around a woman who people believe was not born of a woman, but of owls (I ask you!)

Both stories are entertaining enough, but neither are resolved fully. Now I suppose the author could claim that we can all make up our own conclusion to these tales and that it is more mysterious to leave the conclusion open-ended, but personally I think the whole thing reeks of sloppy writing.

The art work is much better than these stories deserve, and the presentation is spot on - nice hardback collection with beautifully glossy pages - but you may feel a little cheated by the content.

Pretty average stuff really. In fact, if I didn't know better I'd think that these were a student's first attempt at writing, not the work of the overrated Neil Gaiman.

Nick Smithson

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