Star Wars
Clone Wars
Volume 5 - The Best Blades

Authors: Various
Artists: Various
Titan Books
RRP 12.99
ISBN 1 84023 903 4
Available 17 December 2004

The violence of the Clone Wars has left no one untouched. Even Representatives to the Galactic Senate have to fight for their lives, as well as their ideals, and the Jedi themselves are drawn ever deeper into the kinds of situations their own teachings urge them to avoid. It is a dark time for the galaxy and the darkness serves as camouflage for those who would manipulate all sides in the conflict. It is a time when every sword must be drawn for battle...

Volume 5 in this series begins with events of the Clone Wars having steeled the resolve of some who will one day lead the galaxy to a new order; one of the Separatists' great leaders is handed a crushing, personal defeat; and a hero of the Republic, believed lost, is returned. But as Master Yoda knows, even the best blades cannot survive constant use.

While this collection never quite reaches the heights of volume four (Light and Dark) it is still a cracking edition to the series. The artwork is great and the plot rattles on at a good pace... it's just that there seemed to be something missing. Something which I couldn't put my finger on. It could be that the characters didn't seem quite so rounded, or that I didn't care as much for the events that unfolded - although I still enjoyed it.

Those that have been collecting this series won't be disappointed, but it doesn't lend itself to welcoming new readers. If you are unfamiliar with the Clone Wars series, you might like to do a bit of background reading before you pick this up.

A pleasing offering from the Star Wars camp.

Pete Boomer

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