Witchblade featuring Tomb Raider

Authors: Charles Holland, Christina Z & David Wohl
Artists: Dwayne Turner & Michael Turner
Titan Books
RRP: £11.99
ISBN 1 84023 405 9
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When Lara Croft is hired by a mysterious master to find the Sword of Lucifer - the blade wielded by the Devil during the war in Heaven, she has no idea that her search will yet again reunite her with Sara Pexxini, wielder of the Witchblade, and Jackie Escatado, the gangster with the power of darkness...

In Coda Ms Croft becomes a suspect in a murder forcing her to join with Witchblade in order to fight a force of darkness that dates back to Merlin's time.

Well, I have to say I was not greatly impressed by this - part of the problem may have been the swapping and changing of writers. The introduction of Lara Croft is flimsy and pointless and you don't really get to see that much of her any way.

I was never a huge fan of Witchblade in the first place, but this dull tie-in is really quite offensive to the Intellect of comic readers.

On the plus side, the art work is fantastic - if a little sexist and Turner and Turner should be proud of the work they have managed to turn in for such a feeble story line.

Please don't waste your money on this!

Ray Thompson

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