Global Frequency
Detonation Radio

Author: Warren Ellis
Artists: Various
Titan Books
RRP 10.99
ISBN 1 84023 858 5
Available 21 January 2005

Global Frequency is a worldwide rescue organisation created to deal with any crisis that is too big or too dangerous to be handled by conventional means. This organisation was founded and funded by Miranda Zero who calls all the shots. Ms. Zero's right hand woman is code named Aleph; she is the nexus of the operation, in constant contact with whichever agents are currently on the Frequency and co-ordinates their efforts as they act as one..
Whether you're a middle-aged linguist or a 16 year-old computer geek, a retired detective or an ace test-pilot, if you're on the Frequency you are the best at what you do and you are humanity's last, best chance of survival...

Detonation Radio is the second book in the Global Frequency (GF) range of graphic novels from Titan and builds well on the stories that unfolded in the first book, Planet Ablaze. However, this collection has a slight edge over the previous volume - mainly due to the fact that it starts to explore the background to some of the more important members of GF - founder Miranda Zero and Aleph, who is the eyes and ears of the organisation. The story Aleph actually begins with the introduction of Aleph into GF - told in flashback form.

This collection kicks off with Detonation which is a very tongue-in-cheek story with art work by Simon Bisley (who 2000 AD fans will know for his work on Slaine and Judge Dredd). There's gore by the bucket load - as you'd expect from Bisley.

The second story, which like several inclusions in this collection seems to have no title, got me thinking about who would play Miranda Zero if a movie were ever made based on this universe. There were a couple of panels that had Miranda looking a lot like Sarah Clarke (who played Nina in 24) and thinking about it, she would be perfect in the role.

But possibly my favourite story was Harpoon - which sees the global population under serious threat from the very people that we have put in charge to run our affairs.

This collection has something for everyone and is certainly worth seeking out. Get on the Global Frequency!

Ray Thompson

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