Savage Times

Authors: Geoff Johns and David Goyer
Artists: Leonard Kirk and Patrick Gleason
Titan Books
RRP 11.99
ISBN 1 84023 984 0
Available 21 January 2005

The JSA is divided, handling multiple matters in different eras. Several heroes find themselves in Ancient Egypt, fighting the immortal villain Vandal Savage and an earlier incarnation of the powerful Black Adam. Meanwhile, Power Girl and Dr. Mid-Nite have their hands full with separate cases. And in the background, forces are moving, as several champions begin questioning where they stand in the cause of justice.

Savage Times is a pretty impressive JSA collection. Geoff Johns and David Goyer do a fantastic job of weaving their intricate, and very different, takes on the JSA universe.

There are some very humorous moments in this collection. My favourite being Lucius/D-Bomb and his sexual fixation with Power Girl (well, don't most males fancy her?) But his unhealthy obsession even stretches, quite literally, to him wearing Power Girl underwear. Oops! That little secret wasn't meant to be discovered. And his macho bullsh*t speech and his healthy regime make this little secret all the more amusing.

Leonard Kirk and Patrick Gleason's artwork is also worth mentioning. The opening, Power Girl pages of Savage Times are quite erotic - in their own perverse way. The illustrations for Yesterday's War are beautifully detailed - this story will also appeal to fans of Egyptian mythology.

There's something for everyone here - thanks to the fact that there is a good balance of different styles between the stories. JSA fans will love this collection.

Nick Smithson

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