Tom Strong's Terrific Tales
Book One

Authors: Various
Artists: Various
Titan Books
RRP 19.99
ISBN 1 84023 904 2
Available 21 January 2005

Tom Strong welcomes you to an exciting series of previously untold adventures of his own, as well as the science-fantasy exploits of new heroine Jonni Future, and delving back into the past, the escapades of Young Tom Strong in his early days on the exotic island of Attabar Teru.
Also featured are Tom's daughter Tesla Strong, and the intelligent ape King Solomon, as well as appearances by many of Tom's family, friends and deadly foes...

Tom Strong's Terrific Tales: Book One contains some great short stories which slot into the standard Tom Strong tales, Jonni Future adventures, a look at the escapades of young Tom Strong or the occasionally amusing spin on the Tom Strong universe.

Out of all the different segments, it was the amusing spin-off stories that I found most enjoyable. These include a night on the town with Tesla and a collection of Tom Strong collector's cards.

This section also included my favourite story in this collection. King Solomon Pines is a moving and humorous story starring everyone's favourite intelligent ape, King Solomon. While Leah Moore's script hits the mark, it is Sergio Aragones art work that really gives this story that extra kick. I've been a fan of Aragones for years, and his inclusion here was a nice surprise.

The standard Tom Strong tales are entertaining enough - Leap of Faith sees our hero rescue a suicidal man and The Dark Inside is a nod to The Matrix. The young Tom Strong stories are a little less even - the best sees our young hero attempting to gatecrash a female only ritual and falling in love with a girl who lives in the sea. But I really didn't care much for the tales of Jonni Future. Sadly, these seemed more interested in half naked women prancing around the pages (nothing wrong with that I hear you cry). However, the storylines are rather dull for these tales.

For the most part though this collection is enjoyable.

Pete Boomer

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