Dark Star

Author: Bob Budiansky
Artist: José Delbo
Titan Books
RRP 14.99, US $19.95
ISBN 1 84023 960 3
Available 21 January 2005

Traitorous Decepticon Starscream makes his bid for total domination. The vast storehouse of ancient knowledge and power known as Underbase is en route to Earth... and Starscream wants it! As Decepticon battles Decepticon, the newly restored Optimus Prime prepares to avert the coming catastrophe... one he helped to create in the first place...

Along with the top-selling toy line, animated TV series and movie, these are the stories that crafted the 20 year (and still going strong) phenomenon that is Transformers. These classic tales, re-presented for the first time in book form, thrilled a whole generation.

Dark Star, as with last month's Maximum Force release, is more pleasing on the eye due to on influx of different robots, and creatures. Those of you who remember Transformers comics with page after page of human shaped Decepticons will be in for a pleasant surprise.

Okay, there are still plenty of your usual humanoid robots, but there are also a few of the underwater variety (don't ask how they manage to stay rust free). Also, is it me? Or does the home world of the Transformers, Cybertron, look a little like the Death Star from Star Wars?

Other than that, this is your usual Transformers offering. Another entertaining collection from Titan.

Ray Thompson

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