Authors: Various
Artists: Various
Titan Books
RRP 12.99
ISBN 1 84023 821 6
Available 25 February 2005

adventures of Selina Kyle, Catwoman, suddenly takes a turn for for the worse as she faces her most personally devastating moment - and all is suddenly lost. Catwoman has crossed the deadly and ruthless Black Mask, and now he is making her pay. Selina's loved ones begin to meet terrible fates as she is forced to go on the offensive...

Relentless is a collection of stories that sees Selina Kyle as an important member of the community by day and, by night as Catwoman, putting the loot she takes from Gotham's underworld to charitable use.

The first half of this collection, which sees Black Mask setting up his revenge on the Catwoman, is well paced, a little gruesome and, to be honest, rather disturbing in places. That's not an insult by the way. Everything is set up well and the art work is pretty good.

Then, the last third of this collection lets everything down. It's slow, poorly illustrated (it's hard to make out what is going on in some panels) and the script is rather sloppy. While the aftermath of Black Mask's plan - and the consequences to those that Selina holds dear - needed to be told, I think that giving almost a third of this collection over to it was a little extreme.

This is far from your average Catwoman tale but, while there is still plenty to appease fans of the series, it could have been a little more engaging.

Pete Boomer

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