Swamp Thing
Bad Seed

Author: Rick Veitch
Artists: Rick Veitch, Alfredo Alcala and Brett Ewins
Titan Books
RRP 10.99
ISBN 1 84023 994 8
Available 25 February 2005

Swamp Thing, the living embodiment of the vibrant web of earth's plant life known as the green, has returned triumphant from his greatest test - travelling as a disembodied spirit across the unimaginable distances of space and surviving its almost insurmountable challenges to reunite with his longed for love, Abby. But the world has kept turning in Swamp Thing's absence, and deep in the heart of the green a new avatar has been conceived to take his place in the great hierarchy of elementals. The entity that was once Alec Holland now faces an agonising choice: destroy his successor and reclaim his position as champion of the green, or allow it to be born and risk throwing the balance of the life on earth out of alignment - a choice
whose consequences may prove to be beyond catastrophic...

Regenesis reads as though it was written earlier than the late '80s. This is partly due to the fact that it has been printed on comic grade paper that looks like someone has simply spliced the pages from an old comic and stuck a glossy cover on them. I really think it would have benefited greatly from a better presentation - good paper stock would have been a start.

The writer also attempts to cram in too many other well known characters. John Constantine, Batman, The Joker and Superman are just a few he slaps in for no obvious good reason other than padding out what is a b-plot story masquerading as the main narrative. And as for Woodrue... He is the equivalent of Star War's Jar Jar Binks - annoying, unlikeable and simply added for cuteness!

It's not that Regenesis is a terrible collection. It's just that with a little tinkering it could have been above average. As it is, only the most dedicated Swamp Thing fan will find anything of merit.

Pete Boomer

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