The Authority

Author: Garth Ennis
Artist: Glenn Fabry
Titan Books
RRP: 9.99
ISBN 1 84576 029 8
Available 23 May 2005

Kev Hawkins is a Special Air Services corporal turned assassin, called in by the British government when they want someone removed. The Authority are Earth's last line of defence, known and feared across many galaxies and dimensions. Hawkins' new assignment is to find and eliminate The Authority and, oddly enough, his task is easier done than said. An awkward partnership is forged as they set out to save the planet from certain, alien doom. Can they succeed before The Midnighter uses Kev's head as a hood ornament for the Carrier? Later, Apollo and Midnighter are paired with their favourite homophobic SAS operative. Together they must help appease an alien armada bent on destruction and genocide that stands poised to assault the planet Earth...

The fact that Kev is an Authority graphic novel is neither here nor there. This story doesn't really focus on the superheroes, instead it revolves around one specially trained assassin called Kev. Kev is one of the planet's most unlucky individuals - having been booted out of the Special Air Services after a prominent MP was killed on his watch by his mates tiger. Now the government employ his services as a top secret assassin - someone who cleans up when the government wants someone to disappear.

Not only is this graphic novel incredibly well illustrated, but it also has one of the funniest story lines I've read in a long, long time. Kev is a baffoon, an unluck individual who would be better suited to running his own knitting shop than being an assassin. Unfortunately, while he is a bit of a fool, he's very good at killing people.

Kev's constant homophobic remarks to the leather clad Midnighter and the Nazi poster boy Apollo are laugh out loud funny - especially as most of them are accidental and the two of them could wipe him off the face of the Earth in a heartbeat.

Fans of The Authority will love this as it injects something new into their universe, while those who have never read an Authority story before will be able to slip straight into their world without feeling lost.

A must own collection.

Nick Smithson

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