Princes of Darkness

Authors: Geoff Johns and David Goyer
Artists: Leonard Kirk, Don Kramer and Sal Velluto
Titan Books
RRP 14.99
ISBN 1 84576 035 2
Available 23 May 2005

Three of the most powerful, most deadly and most angry foes of the fabled JSA have banded together to systematically destroy the team, clearing their way to crush mankind and rule them all. The members of the team have been separated, each facing unimaginable odds, and even when many of the Earth's finest champions come to their aid, it appears to be Earth's darkest hour...

Princes of Darkness is a pretty impressive JSA collection. Solid storytelling and a beautiful assortment of artwork make this a graphic novel that any serious comic collector will be pleased with.

For all of those, including me, who thought the JSA were poor cousins to the JLA, this collection may make you think again. The story telling told here is as entertaining as any of the JLA tales - it may be a little more serious, but it's still entertaining. Mind you, some of the members of the JLA make a guest appearance...

Eclipso is back in this collection and, joining forces with two other familiar JSA villains, intends to use the power of a single black diamond to ensure that their evil plans bear fruit.

The whole collection is rounded off with the tongue-in-cheek Christmas tale Be Good for Goodness Sake. This is a nice spin on the old, dull festive tale.

A pretty good collection of adventures that will not disappoint.

Pete Boomer

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