Sin City
A Dame to Kill For

Author: Frank Miller
Artist: Frank Miller
Titan Books
RRP 12.99
ISBN 1 84576 046 8
Available 23 May 2005

Dwight is a sucker for a pretty woman - especially a damsel in distress. But when his ex-girlfriend, Ava, turns up on the scene again he wants nothing to do with her. But Ava appears to have fallen in with the wrong crowd - her rich husband enjoys torturing her and wants her dead. Dwight is her final chance to escape this tormented relationship. But does Dwight really know what he is getting himself into?...

A Dame to Kill For is a tale with plenty of twists and turns - more so than any of the other Sin City collections to be released so far. The characteristics of the multi-layered main players have been well thought out, almost as though this story had be written for the stage.

Another interesting element is the fact that author and illustrator Frank Miller gives cameo appearances to characters who have played important parts in other Sin City graphic novels - actually that's something that all of these collections manage to do.

As with the other releases in this series the art and plot are incredibly engaging. I also loved the ending to A Dame to Kill For... enough to start right back at the beginning and read it again - something I haven't been compelled to do in a very long time.

Another fantastic addition to what, to my mind, is one of the greatest illustrated works of the 21st Century.

Darren Rea

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