The Chronicles of Conan
The Dweller in the Pool and Other Stories

Author: Roy Thomas
Artists: Various
Titan Books
RRP: £12.99
ISBN 1 84576 028 X
Available 24 June 2005

Throughout his adventures across the mythic Hyborean world, the barbarian called Conan crosses swords with many a colourful and dangerous character, none so charming or deadly as the she-devil from the south - Red Sonja! The stories featured in this edition feature the fiery reunion of Sonja and Conan, along with more tales of thrilling adventures and chilling betrayal...

The Dweller in the Pool and Other Stories represents yet another impressive Conan collection. Fans of this series will not be surprised to hear that, once again, all the stops have been pulled out and the art work looks fantastic.

How good is the art work? I hear you cry. Well, put it this way. It's very rare for the illustrations from the actually story to be taken from the pages of a comic book and used as the cover image. That's exactly what has happened here and to be honest there are more than a handful of quality panels to choose from. John Buscema is the main artist for this collection and he tackles every panel with the same attention to detail as most artists do to cover art.

Add to this Roy Thomas's finely tuned tales and you have yet another winner in the chronicles of Conan.

The fact that the stories are well crafted, and each panel should be hung in a gallery, makes this a necessary purchase from those who want to see some of the best work in comics ever produced.

Pete Boomer

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