Tom Strong
Book Three

Author: Alan Moore
Artists: Various
Titan Books
RRP 11.99
ISBN 1 84023 900 X
Available 24 June 2005

From the ocean's depths to volcanic caverns to the star-strewn reaches of outer space, join Tom Strong as he battles Earth's foes, with the help of wife Dhalua, daughter Tesla, and friends...

Book Three in the Tom Strong collection ups the stakes considerably. It is almost as though Alan Moore has gone away and taken another look at his hero and decided that a few tweaks were in order.

The writing is stronger and more engaging in this collection than Book Two was. The characters are used to push the narrative forward, as opposed to being stuck in for a little light relief as they were in some of the weird stories in Book Two.

There are also some fantastically conceived designs throughout this collection. I particularly like the gemsuits and the "space horses" - there is a whole sequence with them that reminded me of the attack on the Death Star in Star Wars.

Apart from my earlier slight moan this is a good, solid collection that will appeal to comic readers who don't usually go for Tom Strong collections.

Pete Boomer

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