Star Wars
Clone Wars - Volume 6: On the Fields of Battle

Authors: Various
Artists: Various
Titan Books
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Available 22 July 2005

The Clone Wars have spread all across the galaxy, engulfing every world and every Jedi, dragging the once-noble protectors of the galaxy into murky and ambiguous conflicts. There are traitors and double agents on both sides, but their positions are becoming increasingly unstable, and the Jedi's greatest challenge is to remain true to the ways of the Force...

Volume 6 of the Star Wars Clone Wars series of graphic novels never manages to reach the level of quality that it attained with Volume 4. It could be the fact that it's difficult to see where any of the artists have made any of the characters theirs - instead insisting on following a level of precision usually reserved for authorised movie adaptations. It was almost as though the artists were not allowed any free reign, as though George Lucas was watching over their shoulders the whole time. It could also be the fact that this collection is bereft of humour. But one thing is certain - it's about as dry as you can get.

Another problem I had was this is really only going to appeal to the die-hard fans. You'll need to know the original Clone Wars characters a little before you even open the pages - otherwise you'll spend a hell of a lot of your time rereading pages to work out what is going on. If you've followed this series from the start you'll have no problem, but dive in here and you'll feel a little out of your depth.

Sadly, the tales told here were just too dull and uninspiring for a mere avid Star Wars fan like me - you'll have to live and breath Star Wars before you'll find any satisfaction here.

Pete Boomer

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