Way of the Warrior

Author: Simon Furman
Artists: Various
Titan Books
RRP 4.99, US $7.95
ISBN 1 84576 059 X
Available 22 July 2005

When a Decepticon turns to the side of the Angels and defects to the Autobot camp, the Decepticons don't approve and send the Mayhem Attack Squad in to sort everything out...

Way of the Warrior collects together for the first time some of the black and white stories from the UK's Marvel Comics series. This collection is reprinted in a slightly smaller format (A5) than usual.

The art work is fairly average, but what really lets this collection down is the fact that some of the panels look like the artist has drawn on blotting paper (the episode Savage Place is a particularly bad example).

The stories are interesting enough, but nothing too challenging. This is really only a collection for those who want to relive their childhood's.

Pete Boomer

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